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Master YOUR Health with Reynold Liang

Choose Happiness and Master Your Health 
with Reynold Liang 

Interested in Discovering How to unlock your inner creative and create a lifestyle that you love ?



Dreamers CAN be Created or Crushed .

A Few years ago, i was working like crazy and

 not taking care of my health .

In fact, i was working like long hours and sitting at
my computer all day.

But i finally realized, a change needed to happen.

So I start to go for naturophatic doctor regularly, practice meditation and journaling what i am grateful for every day and choose the right food  for my self ... and guest what ?

My HEALTH and WELL being are getting better and In Great Shape.

REYNOLD LIANG has a pretty awesome story himself about his transition to
Healthy Entrepeneur.

How he realized that Health and Happiness is something really important when he was very young (and fleeting if we don't take care of it). 

That is why he took all his time of tipping into the best HEALTH mind in the world and put his experiences into a new HEALTH PROGRAM.

I first got so inspire with one of  the article that he wrote 

"How i am consistently happy and how you can do it too"  .

and was immediately impressed  with his passion and how down to earth he was. 

We've stayed in touch
through time and I love sitting down with him to talk face to face about his viewpoint on Health, Meditation and Happiness.

I know you will love this episode Rey give practical, Actionable tips to start improving your health TODAY.

He also shares what some of his struggle in his child hood and how he is using Meditation/Practice Gratitude to overcome

I am excited to share this power-packed Episode 
with my good friend REY:)

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Some Question I ask:

* How do You Define Happiness ?

* What are the Biggest Things You Learned about Yourself, 

  When You Made the Decision of Quitting the Corporate Job ?

* What Inspire You so Passion about Health and Health Education ?

* How Childhood Experience Change Your Perspective on Your  Health & Relationship?

* If You are Currently doing Everything Wrong Regarding Your Health, 
      What's the Best Thing  to Start With ?

* How Important is Gratitude in the Process of Living Healthily ?

* What's Your Mission Behind Your Work in Health

In this Episode , You will discover & Learn

* Why Loosing Weight is a Benchmark for Major Improvement in Health 

    and How he Help His Best Friend ?

              " Lose 60 Pounds in 6 Month without Workout or Exercise "

* How to Deal with the Natural Negative Feelings We Experience  ? 

* The Relationship Between Nutrition and Cognition

* Why Restrictive Diet don't Work

* Why it is Important to Ask Yourself Right Question ?

* Why Mindfulness is Important in our Daily Life ?

       " Choose Happiness "   

* Why Stress is More Damaging to Your Weight and Health than What You Eat ?

*  Tips for Mindful Eating                                   

* That Small Shifts Can Add up to Big Benefits in Our Health

* What Meditation is (and why it's Good for You) 

* Why Taking Time to Unplug is so Important

* Plus Much More ...

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