Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Be A Supportor of Other Dream's with Feature Dreamer Tara Abraham

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer Tara Abraham

Tara Abraham El is a Moorish American Educator, Counselor, Writer and Musician.

Outside of North America, Tara has had the pleasure of working in Egypt, Hong Kong and Serbia
as an educator/counselor

Along with work experience, Tara has traveled internationally outside of business and studied world
history and German as a study abroad student

She is interested in connecting with others, experiencing others cultures and learning languages

Tara enjoys being a partner and guide in the process of learning and healing, She actively seeks ways to help others and encourage elevation to one's purpose and higher self

Currently, Tara is a full time stay at home mom of two bundles of energy and future world explorers
She is focusing on setting a strong foundation for her children and creating cultural educational tools for all to enjoy .

                                             Do Dreams Really Matter ?

Absolutely ! I am a firm believer that Our Dreams Truly do matter.

As a counselor/educator , I have had the privilege to be a support on the journey of dreams coming true.

Along the way some of my dreams have come true and some yet to be realized.
It is a pleasure to both grow personally and to see others elevate.

Regardless of our gender, ethnicity, age, marital, financial or educational status , the concept of dreaming or desiring change in some aspect is something we all share in common as human beings.

In the journey of realizing our dreams, a good rule of thumb is to be supportive of others on their dreams path.


Since we are all interconnected as human beings we do and can affect one another whether directly or indirectly.

Encouragement, listening , financial gifting, teaching , networking or just a kind word can help support someone on their journey to make their dreams come true.

As we climb the dream ladder remember to lend a hand and help someone make their first step on their journey.

We are all in this together .

In Peace ,

Tara Abraham

Friend & supporter of SPRING TIME

                            Tara's Dream sharing Video 


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