Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Never Give up on your Dream With Sally Tong


There will be 100 "NO"
 before you hear the "YES" that will change your life ..
Never Ever Give Up !!!

Hi All Dreamers :) 
How many times that you have hear "NO's" ?

100 times ?

1000 times ?

I believe that we all have Dreams in our life,
Some want a family, some dreams of success financially, the other may want to make an impact and leave a legacy ... 

Today i am here to tell you something, something very important ...

Never Give Up On Your Dreams !!!

I have a Dream, a dream of building a for purpose fashion brand -


 Empower young people to go after their dreams and Make it Realtiy  

 and yet i can still remember being laughed at all times ...


When i told people that  i felt this is my calling and my purpose, 

i heard every reason why i would never make it !!

" This is Crazy " or " this is not practical " for a long time ...

And i still believe in my Dreams and my calling, i choose not to let the years of people doubting me light a burning fire inside to me to succeed.

Even for the DREAMERS HEARTBEAT PODCAST, it took me a Hugh amount of time and energy to make it happen.  

In the Journey, I  asked myself ...

Why ?

My Heart and my intuition say " You here to Serve and give value "

I do not have a charming voice or any specific training,

 however one thing that i believe :

"Somewhere, Someone out there may need this messages" :)

You will all hear "NO" a lot in your rise to the top, and trust me, 

i know it hurts but don't let it stop you from pushing forward everyday to try .
Make your goals and Your dreams a reality.  

It is not easy, and nothing will be handed to you, let every "NO" you hear make you want it THAT MUCH MORE ....

We can all achieve everything we want and dream of, but it's important to not let the negative events in our past slow or halt our journey to where we desire to be in life.

You can do absolutely anything in the world, if someone passes on you, it's OK ...
If you don't get a job that you have been working for, that's OK too ...

You will hear no many many times before you hear the "YES" that will finally make all your hard work worth it .

The other day i was sitting out on the water behind apartment, in a bitter and down on myself pity party.

As listened to the wind chimes making their music, i realized something  ... i have a lot to be grateful for ...

I just want you all to remember that you are beautiful, smart, talented, amazing, wonderful, special and you WILL make things happen for you if you are willing to work hard enough to get them ...

I am not where i want  to be  in my career in this industry yet, but i know i will get there and you will too  ... 

Always remember that success is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and when you feel that no one else believes in you, Trust me ... I do.

Much Love and admiration to anyone who listen & read this very honest and raw post/podcast

I love you all ... Always and Always !!!

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