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Emily Barker on Finding your Passion &
Follow your Purpose 

Interested in Discovering How to unlock your inner creative ?


Dreamers CAN be Created or Crushed .

What is the difference between 

those that make it and those that struggle ?

When i got the interview with Emily Barker , 

Award winning Singer & Songwriter .

Not Just becasue i wanted to hear her story of how 

she has created incredible success.

It is her SMILE , Positive Atitude toward life inspire me !!

Her Music has featured as the theme to award 

BBC dramas Wallander and The Shadow Line .

Her Last album with The Red Clay Halo , Dear River , was citically acclamined across the board with four and five star reviews including lead reviews in The Times and Evening Standard .


And With her New Solo Version of : The Toerag Session was recorded live with Grammy-winning producer Liam Watson .

In Our conversation , Emily talks about the intense pressure of the music industry & the way how she overcome the obstacles .

How positive mindset can create a Big Difference & why so important to communciate Your Vision with others .

I love every minute of our conversation and have been so excited to share this interview with you .

If you have ever dreamed of making it big , you will want to hear how she did it and what she's done to continue making a living as a singer & songwriter in the industry long term .

Sit Back and enjoy the light & inspiration of Emily Barker in this Episdoe .

Be Sure to watch Emily Music Video below that i film in London Studio .

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               " Put Your Heart into it & Trust your instinct "                                         
  Emily Barker A Message for Dreamers + Calendar with Sally Tong


In this Episode , You will discover & Learn 

*The Story of How Emily kickstart her music career 

*What is Her Biggest Passion in Life 

*About the Benefits of Surrounding oneself with inspiring people 

*Why focus in people who support you is important ?

Emily & I got  record this interview in this
 beautiful studio in London 

* How she over some the obstacles in her life ?

* Why Appreciate the opportunities to be authentic versus polished is important 

* Learn how to say "No"

* What advice for A Dreamers out there 

*Tips for how to achieve your DREAMS & Goals ..

*Plus Much more ...

" Focus on Positive things that keep you going "

Behind the Scene

On the day that we filmed the interview :

Emily asked me :

"Sally , is this your First interview ?"

I replied " Yes, it is my first one ... i feel so exciting & so scary  !!!"

My heart was beating 3 times faster than normal !!

During the Trip from HK to London , my camera got accidentally broken ..

( You can imagine how it feel likes...) 

As being a creative entrepreneur , i got my Magic " i phone 

& Bought a Tripod in London for the video shooting ..

And share with you a little more , 

i was so scare to the point that i asked questions before recorded ..

So Dreamers , Let's take our first step !

Push past the FEARS .The rest will follow : ) 

Connect with Emily Barker 


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