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Recipe to get Your Dream with Trisha Natanael

5 Mins Movitational Podcast 

Hello Dreamers! 

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Trisha Natanael

"Your mindset actually determines the outcome and Aha!"


Trisha would love to share 5 Mins with you about :

Recipe to get your dream!

Hey, how are you today?  

This is Trisha, I am a senior studying chemical engineering and entrepreneurship.

In this podcast, I would like to share couple of my personal stories, about my decision to be a social entrepreneur.

When I first heard about this opportunity, I was actually very excited to share things that I actually learnt this past summer.

Through self discovery journey I learned that each one of us is very unique, when we are in this journey it could be a very lonely.

So, To some of you who are currently wondering about finding your purpose in life or your dream,
I hope this could give you comfort and a peace in mind.


How Your mindset actually determines the outcome and Aha!

If you have ever dreamed of making it big , you will want what A Recipe to get your Dream .

                    Love YOURSELF , Be Pesistant & Fight For YOUR dream :) 

Sit Back and enjoy the light & inspiration of Trisha Natanael  in this Episode .

So without further ado, let’s start!


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In 2012, I was doing what a normal student would do, which is studying.

I was not very pro-active at that time. when I was in my Junior year all of my classmates are busy finding summer internship and I just had no idea what I want to do in life.

I was lost. and in the midst of my frustration i was thinking about is there actually any life-hacks to be successful? a recipe to get my dream?

but wait! I don't even know who I am how can I know what I want to be if I dont know my strengths and weaknesses?

So I embarked on this journey by trying out things that I have never done before like traveling to a new place, couch-surfing, participate in toastmaster and exposing myself to social innovations exchange program.

Afterwards, I sit on my desk and write down things that I like and dont like,things that i am able to do and not able to do , by doing so the future becomes more clearer and AHA !
I found an ingredient to get to my dream which is to learn about myself.

Then recalled a memory about my social innovations exchange program. 

One day, We were given a paper clip and we were told to exchange it with something that is bigger or better but before we begin we have to say a sentence to ourselves

“I am feeling lucky”.

Although we are confused at that time, My partner and I were excited on this experiment, 
we were off to the busiest street of san francisco called market street. with a paper clip and an optimism. 

At first  when we try to exchange this people were like “What?” but then we didnt give up. 
The first barter that we got was with a napkin, not too bad and then we to ask couple more. 

We had couple of bread, then we tried to exchange it with a robot toy
we were so excited and my partner want to step it up we approach a shop and asked if he would exchange this with something that is brand new.

After some explanation this experiment he ended up giving us a brand new sf giants lanyard that costs 12 dollars if you buy it from that store.

In just one hour we successfully turn a paper clip into 12 dollar item, imagine if we had a year to do this experiment.

Your mindset actually determines the outcome and Aha! i found the second ingredient !

Everyone wants a bright future and but instead of learning about ourselves, I wasted my time in college only to acquire knowledge but i just realized that the world is bigger than that and many times we try to follow other’s path but sometimes we forgot that everyone is unique. 

The journey to a bright future is not easy, it requires many failures, but if you pack the right tools, by embracing this learning experience and have a positive mindset. 

My Dream is ...

You will overcome this and see a bright future right and your dream right in front of you.

Love yourself, be positive and fight for your dream!

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