Wednesday, April 13, 2016

''Dreams are not the end for us but the Lights for us " with Feature Dreamers HIM

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer - Him

I am Him Liu and i have a dream that to be a fashion designer.

However, a can't jump into the "Gate" when i was young.
I study my second choice that "Architecture Design" since i cannot pass the interview of the first choice that "Fashion Design".
After that, i lost the direction of my way! Although i missed my big Dream that " be a fashion designer " , but i always keep my burning heart to the other part of runway .
I have tried to give up when i was young , but i still carry on .

"It's not the only way that near by the stage"
"I can be the one of the team but not like the dream at the first"

I tried to drop down my job that taekwondo coach and draft man , And continue my dream that at the other way, hair design.

Then i'am a hairdresser now .

Sometimes, i work on stage or studio I love that since i had tried my best to find my own way!

There are some big gates when we start to run our plans , 

Dream of how to be a fashion designer is the start of my story, but i don't mind now!


''Dreams are not the end for us 
but the Lights for us !"

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