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Dare to be different with Jennifer Elissa -ready :)

5 Mins Movitational Podcast 

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer
Jennifer Elissa 
"It is Okay to be Different cause honestly everyone is a bit Different !"

Jennifer would love to share 5 Mins with you about :

Being different and dare to be different :)

Sit Back and enjoy the light & inspiration of Jennifer Elissa in this Episdoe .

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Hi there fellow dreamers!

Have you ever felt that you are different from your peers? Or even, you felt ashamed and you hated the fact that you feel that you are not similar to the others?

We gave our best and it was a meaningful performance :) 

I believe that we all have a need to be accepted by the people around us. 
I just hope that this need to be accepted does not kill who we are inside :)

Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer. Like you, I am also a dreamer :)
 I come from Indonesia and I spent my childhood, not in a big city, but in a small city which is a small island in a part of the vast Indonesia. 

From a small island, I am currently studying in Hong Kong, discovering more about myself and my passion and crafting my path to lead me to my dream :)

the sunset that felt so warm :) 

So why am I here today? :) As a fellow dreamer, I think it would be a privilege to be able to share about my dream to you fellow dreamers :)

 My dream is to be a singer, to sing or perform on stage, and to make people happy with the performances. :) 
My Dream is ....

The dream is based from a simple life calling that I have, to be able to bring happiness to the life of the people around me :)

The story that I would like to share to you today, is that having a dream can be scary. 

You know that you have something that you want so badly, that is calling you from your heart, that you know you want to pursue for your lifetime.

At the same time, you are afraid. Afraid that people will not understand you for your dream. 

People would judge you for your dream. People would not believe you for your dream. 
People would not trust you for your dream.

It’s scary, I know. It’s scary to know that our dream, our calling, could make us different from the others. 

It’s scary to know that people might not accept us for being different.
I know :)

As someone who loves singing since I was 3 years old, I felt like the blood to perform has always been In me. Singing, dancing, acting, performing on stage, whenever I do these with a personal aim to bring happiness to the others, I felt tremendous happiness. :)

Being an eldest daughter in a reserved family, I thought that having a dream to sing is never appropriate.

 I should work in prestigious job that everyone well-respected and I know I am capable of that too, so I have been crafting for this path all the way through my childhood to my teenage days.
Busy Time in School 

 I had always been well-known for model student in my school.

However, growing up and receiving more exposure as I moved from one place to the other made me see more. 
The inner me was struggling, I know that I could not hide myself anymore, I know that I love singing, I love performing.
 I know that I want to do it for my life.
 I just cannot hide this fact from people, not anymore.

I decided that I should open up, I should be honest, I should show people who I am.

Jennifer & Dreams 

However, it was not as easy as I expected. 
When I first started, I had oppositions. 
When I told them my dream is to be a singer, they would doubt me. Like how? 

A girl from a small island, be a singer? Like those singers you see on TV? 
There is no way, the jump is just too much you know.

I heard those a lot. And I saw ‘are you crazy’ look that people were giving me.

I know it’s gonna be a lonely pursue. Maybe it’s best to keep it myself. 
You don’t need people to judge you with your dreams.

I started doing Youtube, I started to practice for performances. 
First time professional compose a song :)

I sing, I perform, I spread my love and joy for music :)

I don’t know when it started, people started to invite me to perform for this event and that event. 

Now, whenever people know me and saw me perform, I have this brand of Jennifer, the singer and performer. 

The GREASE musical cast , everyone work hard !!

It’s just amazing and it brings me so much happiness and fulfillment that I am being recognized for what I love doing. :) 

Practcing hard & just being happy 

And it is really a blessing that I am really thankful about.
I am not yet well-known, I haven’t sing in big professional stage yet.

 I don’t know whether I will, but I have a belief that when I commit myself, I will one day. 
You’ll never know, you know, we can just go on and see :)

 I’m not sure how I will allocate this dream a special times lot in my life, but I know I will, cause it’s just part of me that I will carry on for the rest of my life.
We are so touched and blessed for the friends who support :) 

I’m not sure about whether other people will love my music, but I’m sure that there will be some people who could feel and listen to the heart that I am showing through my music :) 

This little singer will always be inside Jennifer no matter which pathway she will choose to go through in her life :)

What I would like to say is, everyone is actually a bit special. :) The more I think about it, the more I realized, if I were like this, isn’t it possible that some people out there are also like this, or even everyone is actually like this? 

My Source of Happiness 

I feel that it’s possible that everyone is different, and is insecure about not being similar to other people. 

The thing is that, everyone is hiding this, as they don’t want to be judged different from others.

Maybe everyone is a bit different, but they never say it out?

 I feel that, this makes the world a lonely place for everyone.

My First time musical with my awesome freinds :) 

I would love to call out for this talk listener to be true to yourself. 

It’s okay to be different, cause honestly everyone is a bit different :)

It’s okay if people don’t believe you or can’t see you for who you are. 

A memo that made my day and gave me strength:) 

The most important thing is that you believe yourself and you know who you are. 
As long as you are with yourself, then you can be the best of you :)

 It doesn’t always mean that it would be a lonely journey.

 Find people who could see the best of you too, and surround yourself with these people.

 It doesn’t have to be a lot of people, maybe 1 or 2 would also be enough.

 I think it would be meaningful and awesome to have a supportive peer that can support each other for their dreams and for who they are :)

Isn’t accepting yourself for who you are makes your life a much better place to live in? :)

                I would say it’s you who make a decision for your own life. 

Be true to yourself and dare to be different :)

               I would love to hear more from you about how your life changes :)

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