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An Eccentric Girl : YAN CHEN

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We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer - Yan Chen

eccentric girl: Yan Chen

What does it mean to be an eccentric girl? Let’s ask Yan Chen; an “eccentric girl”

Yan Chen is such a sweet girl from Guangzhou, China. She is now married and looking her path within the fashion field. She writes for her own blog which is called “Aeccrntic Girl”.
If you’re also wondering what aeccrntic means, this is our moment to discover it! Yan gave an amazing and fun interview to Spring Time and we want to share it with you.

Let’s find out more about this interesting girl:

ST: Who is Yan Chen?
YC: Yan Chen is a fashion journalist, blogger and columnist from Guangzhou, China. My husband and I were both born in Guangzhou and working here.

ST: What do you do for a living? Tell us a little more about it.
YC: I’m working for a newspaper as a journalist and do all about fashion, beauty, food and
other lifestyle.

ST: What is “Do you know I’m aeccrntic girl?” and how and why was this whole idea created?
YC: “Aeccrnticgirl” is my nickname and at first, I spelled it wrong. The correct version is “An eccentric girl”. That’s how I describe myself. I just want to tell people through my blog what I like and how I feel about fashion. So the blog name just shows that I don’t have a fixed idea of fashion. What I am is how you treat me.

ST: What does it mean to be an eccentric girl?
YC: Like I answered in last question; I think I have something different from others and actually everybody does.

ST: What do you consider are your biggest achievements throughout your career so far?
YC: I did a styling work for Little Thing Magazine in 2011. Being interviewed by 4 local newspapers in two months in 2012. Designed a collection of T-shirts with my friend and sold them successfully named as “It girl” of Guangzhou. And also to be reported by the local fashion magazine.

ST: What do you think about dreams? Do you have dreams for life?
YC: Of course I have dreams. Now I’ve finished one; to get married with a good guy [Laughs]. The other is to have my own fashion career and only work for myself. Maybe to build a fashion brand or become a freelance of fashion.

ST: Is there any occasion you felt like failing? How did you manage it?
YC: To me, I can’t stop because of one mistake; life goes on. I can’t kill myself because
of frustration. I must be a fighter in life.

ST: Please say something to all Spring Time readers.
YC: Keep calm with everything you face; but don’t lose the passion to what you like.

And how about you? What do you consider is the best way to manage failures? Please leave your replies in the comment box, I’ll be happy to read them all and get to you asap!

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