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Stella Zheng ;The Dreamer Behind Style & Notes

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer -Stella Zheng

Stella Zheng; the dreamer behind Style & Notes

Meet Stella Zheng; an inspiring fashion journalist and our dreamer of the week.

A Chinese native and London based, 26 year old girl. Stella has found her way into fashion when 5 years ago, she started blogging about this trending topic that always caught her attention.
Last year her blog “Style & Notes” has been classified into the top 15 most influencer Chinese blogs. And until the date, Stella has made important publications for magazines such as Bazaar, Vision Magazine, ELLE China, Vogue, Men’s uno, Fashion Weekly and more.
She is proudly a member of the Chinese Style Blogger Union at the same time she fashion blogs for her own and writes as a freelancer for a number of fashion journals.

At Spring Time we had an amazing exclusive time with her. Here, you can check her interview out:

ST: Who is Stella Zheng and where is she in this moment of her life?
SZ: I'm 26. Originally from China. Blogger turned Fashion publication writer for 5 years. Based in London.

ST: What do you do for a living?
SZ: I'm currently working for fashion marketing in London based company.

ST: What is “Style & Notes and how and why was this whole idea created?
SZ:It's basically my original ideas back to 5 years ago when I started to write something online. It is an online notebook about fashion, design and my opinions.

ST: What do you consider are your biggest achievements throughout your career so far?
SZ: I am not quite sure as I still have a lot of ideas to be completed. But I am sort of keeping my personal project "Studio Visit" going on. Visiting designer's studio is much fun. I can see the behind the scene of the designers and also have a proper conversation with them. In the studio, they feel more comfortable. I want to do the interview and feature in their most relaxed way.

ST: What does “adventure” mean for you? Do you consider yourself an adventurous person?
SZ: Adventure is sort of a thing that you never think of before and wanna try it on. Sort of. I came to London with no friends and no realistic plan, but still manage to survive and start new life here [Laughs]
ST: How do you incorporate adventure to your everyday and how important is to be adventurous when we are chasing our dreams?
SZ: I would always throw a lot of strange ideas out of my mind and write it down. Keep reminding myself to think of them and had some of them realised.

ST: Would you like to say something to all Spring Time followers?
SZ: I think when I am 60, I will still think of doing something that I didn't had time or chance to do when I was young. It is never too late to do something, whether it is your dream, your plan or wish list. The most important thing is you start to do it; not when you start to do it.

It was great talking to Stella!
How about you? Do you consider yourself and adventurous person?
How do you incorporate it to your daily life? 

We’d love reading your answers: leave them all down here in the comment box!

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