Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Hobby & Lifestyle: Michelle & Tarot-reading

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you 
with our featured dreamer -Michelle

She has got a letter that we would like to share to YOU !

Hey there, Dreamers!
I’m Michelle and I’m currently studying Interior Design in Binus University Jakarta, Indonesia.

Right now, I’m busy keeping up with life, squeezing everything between my design project assignments, my social life and tarot reader as my side job.

Besides tarot reading, I’m also a psychology enthusiast and a zodiac reader as well. 

 Both psychology and zodiac reading have been helping me a lot in my tarot reading as they give me clearer insight and I can provide people with more accurate reading.

I started to learn about tarot reading when I was in high school.

At first, I was interested on the pretty artworks on the tarot deck,
then I decided to buy a tarot kit, which has both the guide book and the cards.
Since then, I was so ecstatic to learn how to read tarot properly.

I offered my friends and family to have a reading with me, 
they told me the result were pretty accurate and I actually helped them out with their life problems.

I was so happy, I started to feel confident with my reading. 

I practiced, practiced and practiced, till one day my friend promoted me to her social media then I began to give tarot reading for strangers and get paid for it. 

A couple months after that, I got offered by a well-known tarot reading community in my country, to join them as an official tarot reader in their various famous events held in Jakarta. 


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At first I hesitated, because I was not really sure of my reading skills yet.

But I stepped out of my comfort zone, I thought I should give it a try. 

The first time I gave a reading, my hands were sweaty and my voice was shaky but in the end it turned out great.

I enjoyed every moment of it. 

Right now, I’m so happy to know that my clients are mostly satisfied with my reading and their faces proved it all.

After they have a reading with me their face turned brighter and they smiled bigger, 

that’s the reason why I love my job, helping people out with their problems.
Talking about my dreams, I’ve always been changing my mind a lot.

But what I want for the next 5 years, to build my own interior consultant office, 

still helping people out my tarot reading and basically to do things that make me happy.

Maybe my dreams sound very simple but I do believe in the blessings of being able of doing what you love, and loving what you do.

C:\Users\Jennifer Elissa\Downloads\1400520366121 (1).jpg

So Dreamers, remember you should do what you love, keep doing it, and take a leap of faith.

It might be a bit unpleasant at first, but remember the first step of going somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are and trust me, comfort zone is not a good place to stay for a long time.

Never give up on your dreams and remember #daretodream.

Even if your dreams sound impossible, try to step out there and challenge yourself, be brave! ☺

Good luck dreamers!

With love, Michelle.

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