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人無夢想同條咸魚有咩分別 Dream Sharing with Gisella Tsang

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 My name is Sit Yue, Tsang. You can call me Gigi.

I am currently studying final year Media and Communication in Swansea University.

 I start dancing when I was small. 

           I danced ballet till Secondary one. After that, I stop it because of study. 

One day, I watched my school mates who danced in the show. 

I thought it's cool and I never danced like that.

 From that moment, I start learning street dance. 

I was inspired by my locking teacher, Lydia, in one of  the showcase.

I start learning from her and now have been learning 
3 - 4 years. 

Besides locking, I actually learn other dance types. 

When I entered into University in UK, I also experience different types of dance like dancesport, jazz and Regga Jam. 

                                                I find Myself when I dance .

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Gisella’s Dream

Quotes I like

Follow your “OWN THOUGHTS”/ “Heart”


Don’t go with the stream

Build up own style, personalities 

People can’t read your heart

Different ideas between your friends, colleagues or family

Don’t force yourself 

Have own value

Existence is important

Achieve what you want, even a small stuff (e.g. Shopping :-P)
Don’t think too much
Understand what you need/achieve
Don’t give up easily
Overcome your barriers
Grab the moment
Polish yourself
Find a friend with same dream/ goal


Event: Dance to Infinity 2014
Time: 6 February 2014
Place: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Jockey Club Auditorium, Hung Hom
People: me, another student


After performing the theme dance “Unity”, another student, who I know her, said, 
“Gigi, you are so charming. You inspire me to dance locking as well.”

In the showcase, “Unity” means different types of dance can join together. We are family.

This involves locking, popping and breaking. 

The focus point is Soul Train Line. “Soul Train was an American musical variety television programme which aired in syndication from 1971 until 2006. “(Wikipedia)

For me, I cannot imagine that I have ability to inspire someone and appreciate me.

I have my own value. I am delighted to perform dancing.

Overall, the “Unity” made me fun and enjoyable. Tutors paid much effort.

It is not easy to chronograph a dance and connection between different dance types. Respect!

I feel Happiness  & Delighted !!
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