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"Remember You are Braver than You Seem " With our Feature Dreamer : Ha Lim

Hello Dreamers! 

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Hi guys! 
My name is Ha Lim, originally born in Seoul in South Korea.

I moved to Philippines for less than a year and then to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the age of 13 to learn English.
Since then, I have been moving around the globe! 
I finished my middle, high school and A Levels in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia before moving to Berlin, Germany in 2012. With a desire to explore the new continent where everybody dreams of going, I stayed there, learning German in the afternoon and working as a part-time cook at night to finance myself .

After a year, I moved to Budapest, Hungary to start my BA in International Relations. 
(I can hear you saying ‘what? Hungary? Why? Yes, yes I know it) So, why Hungary? 

I wanted to give myself new experiences and challenges in a complete new environment. 

Life is short, so why not? 

After two years of studying, I am now in Paris, France for an exchange semester at Sciences Po 
(L'Institut d'études politiques de Paris). 

Needless to say I am very much enjoying my exchange student life here in such a romantic beautiful city!

I think I am very simple. I love walking around the city or parks and taking pictures of buildings, sceneries and people with a cup of coffee and with my earphones plugged in. 

I would say, this is the way I regain my strength and release my stress. Either with a company or alone, it doesn’t matter. 

I can sit down in a café or a park for hours, not thinking about my workload or worries but looking at people passing by, feeling the atmosphere, smelling the nature. 

I love a great bookstore, where I can wander for hours, eyes glazed over, in my own little heaven. 

Once in a week or two weeks, I will get onto a train to reach the nature, where beautiful castles and big parks are everywhere here in France

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Student life both in Budapest and Paris have been a great pleasure to me. 

I could mix around with students from all over the world. 

The world is such a big stage where you can experience so many things! 

This is the reason why I believe that my decision to move out from my small, comfort zone helped me to open my eyes. 

I got to learn Europe-based lectures in Budapest, and broader international-focused lectures in Paris.

I love that I can be more interactive with professors for discussions here in my exchange in Paris. 

My exchange semester is near to an end, I will surely miss grabbing a baguette before class!

My dream is very simple.

It is to bring hope to people who need help and to make their lives better in any possible way. 

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”; it is my favorite quote by Gandhi.

I had my first encounter with Burmese refugees in 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

I consider it as my blessing to meet them in my life. 

After my A-Levels, I had remaining 3 months till my departure to Korea. 

As what everyone did, I wanted to try a different thing, which I had never done before. From a suggestion from my close Malaysian friend, I applied to be a volunteer under UNHCR Malaysia, to teach English and Mathematics at one of the Burmese refugee schools in Kuala Lumpur. 

Since then my life literally changed. It may sound very cliché, but it really changed my life. In my three months spent with the refugee community and the students, through teaching and absorbing into their lives, I learnt that the value life is on its donation, about how effective you have been in your life. 

There were many times when my souls were stirred inside: seeing the very deprived children trying to copy down letter by letter on their notebooks I have written on the board, standing by the wall as the table was too 

And being happy and appreciating with very small matter, which we might forget to do from time to time.

I had witnessed their squalid living conditions, the obstacles they faced, being illegal in a foreign country, and the exploitations they have succumbed to because of this. 

This unfortunate situation of refugees who had to flee from their home due to persecutions made no sense to me at all.  

The refugees or asylum-seekers who are still waiting for the refugee status live under the fear of arrest and detention as the Malaysian government neither protect them and nor consider them as legal.

I found this really unfair and determined to make a big sweeping change in policy making that will never let these vulnerables out in constant fear and hopelessness.

Therefore, I chose the major International Relations to better understand the world we are living in. 

During the summer I did my internship at one of the international humanitarian organizations that assists 
Burmese refugees to gain my firsthand experience and to feel the working environment of my dream job.

I think of my dream whenever I feel demotivated, imagining the world in a better place where the poor and the weak are protected, living the lives they want.
I think it is what keeps me going.

As I am still a BA student, I cannot make a big difference now. It is not always fun, to sit down in lectures and stare at power points when my heart feels itchy with a burning desire to work for people out there who have desperate needs in practice.

However, I believe this is one of the stages I have to go through to get closer to my goal.

Therefore, I am trying to learn as much I can, do great in studies, join the associations in the university that help the voiceless and raise awareness about the poor living in a complete different world. 

We can help anybody anywhere.

For example, you can brighten a day of a beggar by giving him/her some warm food on the street.

Or you can share your knowledge to people who wish to learn. It is as simple as it sounds.

I personally think life is about creating yourself, rather than finding yourself.

Doing what you want to do, living the life you want and working towards your goals. 
Nothing can stop you from dreaming. 

Of course it does take long time till you reach the point you want to be at, but every effort counts, big or small.

Despite the times I had to give up due to unstable circumstances in my family, my strong faith and passion did not let my dream to be shattered. 

I could not let any circumstances to fail me.

When you are confident about your dream, when you are sure about what you want to do, 
no matter what other people say or how they perceive it, I think you already reached half of your goal.

Your sincere heart towards your dream will naturally help you to step forward, step by step.
Dare to dream as big as you want.
There is a quote that says "if your dreams do not scare you, they are not big 
enough' :)


Dear fellow dreamers, never stop dreaming no matter what! 
You are the driver of your life. It is YOU who can make your dream come true, no one else. 
Do what your heart wants; do not get affected by the surroundings.
Also, do not feel discouraged because you still have not found what you want in your life. 

Frankly, It took me 2 years, having many different part time jobs back home in Korea, to think, before I found what I truly want. 
The length of time you spend on searching for your dream is not a waste. Try many things! 
If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's still an experience. 
I did not regret my 2 years of working as a waitress, a cook, a salesperson and a secretary, because these moments helped me to grow, to reflect on my past and to find the time I enjoyed doing the most.
Experiences shaped me to be what I am today. Believe in yourself that you can do it. 
Without it, you will be easily broken down or be shifted away. 

Lastly, I would like to finish with a quote by Christopher Robin That was said to Pooh, 
“Remember you are braver than you seem, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Best of luck to all the fellow dreamers!

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