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Live for Yourself with feature Dreamer Jordan Davis

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Jordan Davis

"Hi all! My name is Jordan. 

I'm from the United States and live in the lovely state of Kentucky. 

Kentucky is a beautiful place, best known for bourbon, horse racing, and southern charm!  

After graduating with my Master's degree in Entrepreneurial Business in 2014,
 I started working in Copywriting for Amazon Fashion.

Jordan Davis 

 At Amazon, my day-to-day consists of providing editorial content for various high-profile fashion brands.

 I really admire entrepreneurship and eventually I'd like to start an amazing company of my own.

In my free time, I like to hangout with my boyfriend, go on jogs with my dog, and shop with friends.

 I love all things French culture, collecting vintage jewellery, and painting 
  (when I get the time!)

 I admire many things about SPRING TIME , but especially their overwhelmingly positive message.

 It's so important that everyone knows their dreams are valuable, no matter how big or small!"

Live For Yourself , But Dream For the World 

Dreams can be complicated, and often times, they aren’t always clear to us at first. 

Several years ago, I found myself at a crossroad; do I continue down my current path of study, or do I reach out into realms I had never had the confidence to wholeheartedly pursue?

           I realize that a life doing anything less than what you love isn’t worth it, 

           so I chose to reach, and I will never look back!


Now, I’m chasing my dream of combining business, fashion, and writing; three fields I thrive in.  

It’s often times not easy to muster enough courage to branch out of the norm. 

Even now, I am working my way up towards my dreams, and I can already see that the path is long. 

When it comes down to it, a dream does have a heartbeat; you can try to stifle the sound, 

but it will always be there, whether you decide to listen or not. 

One of my favourite quotes is by a Psychologist named Abraham Maslow

Maslow once said “What is life for ? It is for you ."

It's short and sweet, 
Makes a clear point for me ;Live for yourself ,  but Dream for the World . 

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