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Dreamers need to stick together with Featured Dreamer : Lucy

Hello Dreamers! 

We would like to connect you with our featured dreamer - Lucy

Lucy is currently in Vancouver, Canada .

She has got a letter that we would like to share to YOU !

Dear Dreamer,

I am just like you. I long to create something truly meaningful, to live life BIG and to express my uniqueness in a way that is joyful and uplifting. 

And guess what? We can! 

There is no better time to be a dreamer. 

The world is calling for beautiful souls to rise up and share their sparkle with the world. 

We need the help of all the dreamers to create new ideas and different ways of doing things. 

We need to share our unique perspective on life :)

I am convinced that each and every one of us have something very special to share with the world. And that special something is US, in all of our goofiness and glory.

A little bit about me … 

I love to laugh and sometimes I find myself bursting into laughter for no reason at all (much to the confusion of others!). 

It happens most when Im with my best friends all we need to do is look at each other!

Love to Laugh :) 
Something I am really excited about right now is discovering my inner creative geniusthrough abstract painting, dancing and making new and delicious recipes the wilder the better ;)

I never considered myself to be creative growing up but now I am learning that we all create in some way 

its easy! 
All we have to do is let go of our judgements and have fun with it. 
Creativity is play!

A little bit about my journey

Not too long ago I started to feel a little lost. I had thought I had the whole life gamefigured out and it went a little bit like this: finish my degree, get a job andlive happily ever after.

But something was missing here, I felt empty and uninspired in what I was doing.

I felt strongly that I was here for a bigger reason.

I decided the only way I would be happy is if I lived in alignment with who I truly am and followed my bliss wherever it took me.

This first required discovering who I am. 

I felt like I had no idea! 

It took a bit of time to uncover the real me, what I was passionate about, and what I wanted to create etc. but it was SO worth it!

Now Im in a place where I love being me and I am ready to think bigger and DREAM bigger.

I am still getting my degree (almost done!!) but I am choosing to move forward with a career that rings true to who I am and what I love to do rather than what others want for me. 

I am ready to go on adventures and have a whole lot of fun along the way! 

Hiking :) 

The funny thing is, once I made the decision to start being me and living authentically, my life began to change almost immediately! 

It was like before I was looking at life through a straw and now I have the full vision of all the infinite possibilities life holds for us!

I realized that each and every one of us have infinite potential and a very special unique expression of that infinite potential we need to share with the world. 

Last spring I came across Sallys website LOVE SPRING TIME.

I was SO inspired by the happy prints and loving messages.

One item caught my eye in particular — 
the Ready for Adventurelaptop case

I knew that I had been playing it safe for too long and I was ready to shake things up. I thought it was high time to add a little more adventure into my life!

Carrying around this bag reminds me on a daily basis to rise up and say 

Yes!to opportunities and adventures that come my way :D
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Since then, Sally and I have kept in touch and I have been so inspired by her open-hearted dedication to inspiring and empowering dreamers. 

Sally lives her message and she is an amazing role model and a true friend <3

A little bit about my dream … 

My dream is a little bit unconventional. A little lofty and some might say naive. But I think that our dreams need a little spark of impossibility to truly inspire us.

I dream of a world where everyone knows how worthy and valuable they are.

A world where people know their infinite potential and the power they have to make their dreams come true.

A world where people smile at strangers as they pass by, where everyone feels like they belong and that its safe to love openly and fully.

I want to create a world where we are encouraged to follow our hearts and be who we are!

Me  at University 

I know its not my job to do this alone, but I want to be a part of the movement that brings it to life! 

And how do I plan on doing it? 

By #daretobedifferent and by doing things in a new way, a way with more love, more kindness and more creativity.

Im figuring things out as I go (one moment at a time is my motto!) but something I know for sure is that when we act in alignment with our truth, everything seems to work out in an almost miraculous way!

Each day brings so many wonderful surprises and delights!

So many opportunities and adventures and all we have to do is be ready to say YES:)

I could talk about love, living in the moment, and dreaming big all day but Id like to finish off by sharing a quote from the movie Tomorrowland:

Dreamers need to stick together.

Because in truth, we are ALL dreamers at heart and by supporting each other and accepting each other as we are, we WILL create the world we want to see! :D :D :D 

Me & My Friends 

And if youre still a little unsure of what your dream is I encourage you to listen to your heart and notice what makes you feel excited to be alive! 

Above all, be yourself and know that the only approval you need of your dream(s) is your own!

Remember to express your uniqueness and dont be afraid to shine brightly because, lets face it, thats what you were born to do!

With much love and appreciation,



As Picture i made from one of my favourite quotes 

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